2019 Camps

All Capital Soccer Academy camps are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender)

ID Camp

July 14th
Ages 14 - 18

Little Patriots Half Day Camp

July 15th - 19th
Ages 5 - 8
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
This session is for our youngest campers.  The focus for these players will be on skill development and having fun.  These campers will leave camp each day with a smile on their face after learning and reinforcing basic skills in creative and age appropriate activities while being closely supervised.


Full Day Camp

July 15th - 19th
Ages 8 - 16
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Last day of camp ends at noon
This session will cater to players of all abilities who have the desire to learn and improve in a fun environment.  While the players will be challenged in a variety of areas, the focus of the coaching staff will be on skill development.  Each day will have a theme and the coaching staff will use their expertise in administering activities designed for technical repetition with and without pressure.

Junior Team Training Camp

July 15th - 19th
U8 - U10
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
$1800.00 / Team
Technical repetition and development in a fun competitive environment will be the focus of the morning sessions.  Movement off the ball, spacing and team development will be the focus of the afternoon sessions.  Minimum of 8; maximum of 14 players per team.  This session will be limited to 8 teams for quality control.

Team Training Camp

July 15th - 19th
U11 - U15
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
$2400.00 / Team
Prepare your team for the summer tournament season with a week of double sessions.  Let our staff handle technical training, implement team tactics and cultivate competitive passion in an enjoyable environment.  There will be a curriculum in place for the week, but club coaches have the option of choosing topics they want their team to improve on during the week.  Minimum of 12; maximum of 18 players per team. This session will be limited to 8 teams for quality control.

Camp Information

Goalkeeper Training
Specialized goalkeeper training will be offered at all sessions. Dirk Vandeveer one of George Mason’s full-time assistant coaches will be responsible for the curriculum and training. As a veteran of both college and club coaching, Dirk has an established reputation of being a tremendous teacher of technique through challenging, dynamic training sessions.
Overnight campers will be housed in an on-campus residence hall on the campus of George Mason. Camp staff will be present on the halls and staying overnight as well. There is a selection of 2 and 4 person rooms and we work hard to facilitate all roommate requests.
Supervision is a top priority for our staff and we take pride in the level of security and supervision we are able to provide for our campers.  Coaches and counselors are housed with the campers at a rate of at least two staff rooms per floor.  Staff rooms are marked so campers know where to go if any problems or concerns arise with any aspect of camp.  We’ll have at least one room for medical trainers, so campers will have easy access to medical coverage 24 hrs/day.  When a camper has been assessed as being too ill or injured to participate in a field session, he/she will accompany his/her group to the fields, so that a trainer stays within close proximity to monitor his/her illness/injury.

We strive to keep our staff-to-camper ratio at a maximum of 10:1, which allows us to have a constant presence with campers.  Coaches take roll prior to departure for field sessions and groups do not leave until all campers are accounted for. Campers are escorted to all functions with the coaches and/or counselors.

At lights out, the staff checks each room to ensure campers are in their rooms and in the morning will knock on all doors to ensure all campers are up for breakfast.

We believe that having our staff around campers at all times accomplishes two goals; supervision and establishing relationships that make learning fun.
All meals during camp will be at Southside Dining Hall on campus just a short walk from the dorms. A choice of cafeteria style and stations are set up with a nutritious selection of all-you-can-eat food.
Camper Evaluation
CSA evaluation process is unique and is designed for each camper to invest in her own development. Our staff evaluates campers on and off the field throughout camp and the process concludes with an individual meeting with their coach on the last night of camp.
Parent / Coach Visitation
All sessions are open to parents and coaches. The evening sessions are devoted to games and are generally the most popular with visitors.
Camper Cars
Campers driving to camp must obtain a parking placard, which will allow them to park in a designated area.  For security purposes, campers must turn in their keys at check-in.  Keys will be returned at check-out.
Personal Items
CSA is not liable for theft, loss or damage to a camper’s personal property.  It is the responsibility of the camper to keep her door locked when away from her room.  We recommend that campers do not to bring valuable items or a large sum of money to camp.