Todd Bramble has been operating successful soccer camps for 20 years. That success has come from having a quality staff and attracting participants who have a strong desire to work hard toward improving their game. What separates us is “Coach Bramble’s philosophy is to operate the camp program with the same objectives that are in place for the George Mason women’s soccer team.”

Capital Soccer Academy (CSA) programs are designed to augment the training and development provided to players through their club and/or school. Preparation for every session will be made with the expectation that players will be challenged, learn, compete, improve in at least one area, and have fun.

Capital Soccer Academy is committed to operating its camp programs with the same professionalism and pride that is applied to the George Mason University team. Detailed preparation and planning, a competitive and fun environment, and accepting nothing less than excellence from every member of our staff is a top priority.

Our goals are to educate and supervise every camper in a safe environment, build self-esteem, and provide an enjoyable camp experience for all. Our success is measured by the number of quality camp experiences, not the number of campers.




















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